Workplace Literacy Comprehensive (Advanced)

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Course Overview

The WPL (Comprehensive) is comprised of three modules – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The
four learning areas for the WPL (Comprehensive) modules are – Speaking, Listening, Reading, and

This course is for advanced learners who aim to master English to improve their work performance and
communication skills. The course is designed help learners to use English fluently and flexibly to meet
workplace skills requirements.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Speak fluently for social and work purposes.
  • Conduct briefings and presentations.
  • Participate in meetings and discussions.
  • Express ideas and opinion on a range of topics, both concrete and abstract.
  • Comprehend and write longer complex text and implied meaning.
  • Develop vocabulary on a wide range of topics.
  • Understand and use complex grammar and structures.
  • Comprehend and use different registers in communication.
  • Write formal and informal emails.
  • Improve a cover letter and a resume.
  • Role play in job interviews.
  • Synthesise and evaluate information.

Course Outline

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Past Experiences and Aspirations
  • Special Places
  • Population Trends
  • Module 2: Lifestyle

  • Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Books and Literature
  • Module 3: Communication

  • Effective Communication
  • Presentation
  • Written Communication
  • Module 4: Workplaces

  • The Way We Work
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Module 5: General Knowledge

  • Tourism and Sustainability
  • Media Power
  • Technology and Future Jobs
  • Module 6: Work and Jobs

  • Job Application
  • Job Interviews
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Module 7: Relationships

  • Business Etiquette
  • Building Relationships
  • Serving the Community
  • Methodology

    • Role play;
    • Pair work, small group and large group discussions;
    • Activity-based exercises;
    • Digitally facilitated learning;
    • Presentations;
    • Language practice and assessments

    Mode of Assessment

    All trainees for Workplace Literacy (WPL) are required to sit for a Pre WPL Assessment to evaluate their language proficiency in order to be placed into the right training level.
    After the completion of the training, all trainees are required to sit for a Post WPL Assessment to assess their improvements.
    The WPL assessments are computer-based.

    Modalities to be taken for assessment

    Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing
    There is also a compulsory Core Grammar and Vocabulary component for the literacy assessment. Trainees will take the Core Grammar and Vocabulary component once per test package, regardless of the number of literacy skills in the package.

    Learning Hours

    Course Duration: 90 Hours
    E-Learning: 10 Hours


    The Candidate Report issued by British Council (Singapore)

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