“Magic Transformation” Drawing Course

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About the course:

The course will deliver the knowledge of Alphabet A (history background\ “shape transforming within the storytelling” – up to 6-8 different kinds of shape changes based on the “A”), inspire kids’ imaginations according to the “idea leading”, discuss and give the advise to the kids to set up their drawing base on their mind. Demonstrate the drawing material and make the different compositions of the main object. Course conclusion and kid present their own story of the drawing (their “magic transforming of A”) to build up the confidence.

Course objectives:

The background of the Alphabet/ discover the structure of the “A” / make the inspiration to have a different understanding of the “A”/ understand the composition and lines & present square\ depth\shadows/ understanding the colors (primary colors\secondary colors\ adjacent color\contrasting color\ complementary color)\ have the skills to using lines\points\blocks to finalize the drawing.



@ Bao Bei Ji Hua (BBJH) Children Sketch Book Ask owner

The course is designed to guide children to find and explore the elements from the daily life and knowledge them learn from school(kindergarten) via arts.

Course content design though Alphabet\ Numbers\Chinese Characters etc. and  delivery in the form of arts. Teacher will guide the children to know the shape of the object, lines and space, composition and perspective, also will introduce the background of the object, demonstrate the drawing skills and color mixing.

During the course, children will experiment and create with different media/techniques (painting, drawing, collage, mixed-media, three-dimensional, freeze frame animations) to understand different forms of arts.

The course will taught in Mandarin.

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“Magic Transformation” Drawing Course
“Magic Transformation” Drawing Course


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