Imaginative Purple Crayon Adventures

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The Step-by-Step Scripted teaching curriculum is plug & play to help users facilitate age-appropriate classroom activities for young learners. The hybrid course covers 4 storybooks by Crockett Johnson in four modules with a narrated teaching script, voice over to read stories, educational music, animated book pages, interactive vocabulary and reading exercises, and assessments. It incorporates hands-on teaching materials for immersive hybrid learning!

The four storybook modules are:
• Harold and the Purple Crayon
• A Picture for Harold’s Room
• Harold’s Trip to the Sky
• Harold’s Circus


Preschoolers and their teachers love sharing the benefits from these easy-to-access, interactive e-Lessons. The course includes educational audio tracks, American accented narration, storytime flashcards, vocabulary building, story sequencing and e-drawing exercises. We have built in many chances to speak English by themselves, record, replay, and evaluate their English! Soon, both teachers and children speak confidently as Stellar Storytellers!

Z from the Harold and the Purple Crayon Book Series by Crockett Johnson, a famous American author. The books in this series help children broaden their imagination and explorative minds, and provide opportunities to work cooperatively while building academic readiness.  ACTs of life’s Step-by-Step Scripted e-Teaching System is easy to use for both teachers and students! It applies our 4 P’s MethodologyPlan, Prepare, Practice and Perform 

Course Objectives

By integrating current Early Childhood Education and English as a Second Language teaching methods, this hybrid methodology is powered by interactive e-Teaching. Beyond the traditional English Speech & Drama Programme, the course enables users to encourage young children’s growth of English language skills and academic readiness.

Introduction (2.5 – 3 years old) – Learn the fundamental elements of our 4 P’s and English Speech & Drama.
Rudimentary (3 – 4 years old) – Progress with the principles of our 4 P’s and English Speech & Drama.
Preparatory (4 – 5 years old) – Apply the academic use of our 4 P’s and English Speech & Drama.
Graduation (5 – 6 years old) –  Master our 4 P’s to become a Stellar Storyteller for life-long success!

* This course can be used for children up to 8 or 9 years old for whom English is a Foreign Language. By the end of this course, children will be Stellar Storytellers of the whole storybook series! They will be able to answer open-ended questions about the learning as well as be able to apply use of the 4 P‘s for life long academic success!

Course Outline

Users will have a complete teaching routine that is introduced through four 15 minute inter-connected lessons that are done as 60 minute lessons in traditional classroom environments for up to a class size of 25 students. The 15 minute lesson segments always follow this pattern for 8 sub-modules of the storybook module – Harold and the Purple Crayon:   

i) Plan – Welcome and Warm-Up, ii) Prepare – Circle Talk and Skills Building, iii) Practice – Storytime, Music & Movement and Dramatic Play, and iv) Perform – Story Wrap-Up and Sequencing, Assessment and Goodbye.
Teachers can use each 15 minute lesson segment on its own or use four 15 minute lesson segments consecutively to finish a full 60 minute sub-module. The lesson segments can be repeated and reviewed with greater interactivity at teacher or students’ preferred times and pace.

Users can expect student answers, book narration voice overs, educational audio tracks, e-managed distribution of a few storybook pages, interactive vocabulary introduction and practice exercises, systematic assessments, and more.

Who should use?

Schools, teachers, and parents

Education Progression: To become a Stellar Storyteller for life-long success

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