Clean Furniture and Furnishings – Furniture and Furnishing Maintenance (ITC)

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On completion of this module, the participant will be equipped with the necessary and relevant knowledge and skill sets in recognizing and differentiating different types of furniture and furnishing materials. Participants will be equipped with the skill sets in conducting colour fastness test and use appropriate tools and equipment to polish different types of furniture and furnishings.

This course aims to help workers in the cleaning industry obtain the fundamental skills and equip them with the basic knowledge of cleaning for their specific environment.

Course Content Outline

  1. Types of furniture and furnishing materials
  • Learn how to recognise and differentiate each type of furniture and furnishing materials
  • Able to characterise each different type of furniture and furnishing material – wood, fabric, leather, steel and synthetic materials
  1. Types of cleaning tools, Equipment, Chemical and Supplies
  • Identify cleaning tools and equipment, chemicals and supplies
  • Learn how to select and pack cleaning tools and equipment, chemicals and supplies
  1. Health and Safety procedures
  • Learn about industrial health and safety standards and procedures
  • Learn to ensure safety requirements are met
  1. Colour Fastness Test
  • Select tools, equipment, and chemicals for conducting Colour Fastness Test
  • Learn how to conduct the Colour Fastness Test
  1. Remove Spillages and Stains
  • Identify types of spillages and stains
  • Carry out the right procedures to remove spillages and impacted soil
  1. Removal of loose debris and dust
  • Identify types of loose debris and dust
  • Select the right tools and equipment for removing loose debris and dust
  1. Polish Furniture and Furnishings
  • Identify types of furniture, furnishings and polished surfaces
  • Determine the appropriate tools and equipment required for polishing furniture and furnishings
  1. Reinstate work area
  • Inspect the work site for cleanliness and completion of job
  • Check for damages on all equipment and tools
  • Recording of work activities

Who Should Attend? 

  • Entry level or junior workers in the cleaning industry.
  • Experienced cleaners who require their skills set to be formally recognised.
  • Individuals without cleaning experience and are looking at entering the industry.

Course Duration: 28 hours

Certification is recognised in Singapore, job opportunities available in Singapore for students who have completed the online certification course.

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