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ITE Education Services (ITEES) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore that was established in 2003 with the objective of sharing ITE’s experience in TVET with the international community. Over the past decade, ITEES has pooled together a wide spectrum of ITE core competencies and intellectual property to assist international organisations, government agencies, TVET institutions and private organisations in raising the quality of skills development and vocational training.

To date, ITEES has supported more than 28 countries in developing their TVET capabilities. ITEES operates a flexible and responsive business model to meet the needs of its international partners in six core areas:

  • TVET Infrastructure Development
  • TVET Leadership Development
  • TVET Staff Capability Development
  • TVET Academic Development
  • TVET Academic Quality Assurance
  • TVET Licensing and Certification

ACKTEC is a global education technology company focused on innovation for immersive learning. ACKTEC Technologies digitalises learning materials into Interactive Animations, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Interactive, Internet of Things, AI Chatbot with Machine Learning and Data Analytics, connecting to Companies Systems.

Course Information (Synopsis)

Mode of learning: self-directed E-learning

The Basic Motion Graphics course will equip you with the fundamental skills to create motion design contents for various visual communication purposes. You will learn to develop concept, understand project workflow and the technique of movement with transition using software such as – Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender, Dreamweaver, and Premiere Pro. You will gain an overview of the various software being implemented in education technology company and get hands-on practical application as a digital designer. 

Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand and familiarise motions graphics concepts and features
  • Familiarise with hands-on design software in work setting
  • Understand the workflow of designing a visual project
  • Opportunity to gain an internship in ACKTEC Technologies

Course Duration

  • The duration of the entire Motion Graphics course is 60-80 hours.

Course Prerequisites

Language proficiency:

  • GCE ‘O’ level in English or equivalent

Basic knowledge of software:

  • Photoshop: Navigating around the workspace, understanding layers, basic knowledge on creating shapes and lines, basic knowledge of transformation, exporting different file formats
  • Adobe Illustrator: Navigating around the workspace, basic knowledge on the Shape, Transform and Drawing Tool
  • After Effects: Navigating around the workspace, know how to import media, basic knowledge on animating using timeline
  • Blender: Navigating around the workspace, basic knowledge on modeling, lighting, animation, and texturing
  • Premiere Pro: Navigating around the workspace, know how to import media, basic knowledge on basic non-linear video editing
  • Dreamweaver: Navigating around the workspace, basic knowledge on HTML and CSS codes
  • Hardware requirement:
  • Laptop with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Blender, Premiere Pro and Dreamweaver software installed
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